Fun things to do with your Bestie

Everybody has it. You always have that one friend you call your bestie who just happens to back you up in everything that you like to do. Besties are that one friend in your circle who you spend most of your time with that, you start to feel like you could be siblings in your past life. When you get too close with your bestie, you start to feel like spending time every weekend being a fangirl stalking your crush online is not just enough. When you get to that point when you want to take your friendship to a whole new, different level here’s how you can make that transition.

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Go on a Holiday Together

A holiday is already a fun activity to embark on but what makes it even more exciting is when you know that you will be spending it with your best friend. Going on a trip together and doing the things that you’ve wanted to do for a long time is not only fun but it also brings the bonds between you and your best friend on a higher and much stronger level.

Attend a Concert

Going to your favorite artist’s concert and dancing or screaming your lungs out is best done with someone who can totally relate to you. Singing along in a concert is much more fun if you are with someone who understands how exciting that must be for you. If you and your best friend are both Beliebers, then book that ticket on the next tour stop.

Get Matching Tattoos

Tattoos are a sign of permanence because they stay with you almost forever. If you want to express how much you want to be besties for life, then get it inked. Getting matching tattoos is not only a sweet thing for couples but it works for besties as well.

Get a Bestie Shirt

Twinning with your best friend looking like you were born out of the same mother at the same time is a must-do. Aside from getting matching hair styles and hair colors, you can take your friendship to a whole new, different level by getting a customized shirt printed. You can design t-shirts together, have it printed and wear it on a best friend date almost every weekend.

Becoming a best friend for life means more than doing a lot of things together and getting matching stuff done. What matters is you know you’ve got each other’s back, no matter what.

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