For a Healthier and Happier Life: Define your Fitness Goals

Setting realistic fitness goals is essential for you to succeed in any program that you undertake to become fit. It is a fact that many gym-goers who enrolled in a program quit after just a few sessions. When asked about their reasons, they often answer that they are tired, they have no time or working out does not work for them. These reasons are actually true but there is a far deeper meaning underneath these words that we will later on look as lame excuses. That is: not having a real fitness goal.

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Being fit is not confined within just growing your biceps or pectorals. It covers many other facets such as losing weight, developing cardiovascular functions or improving your endurance. Now, ask yourself what your goal is.

Do you want to develop muscles? Do you want to lose weight? Now that you have answered the question, you have a good start in setting realistic fitness goals.

But how about, you already have a goal but you are still not able to reach it? It could mean that your goal is too far-fetched or you are yet to figure out how to reach it.

To help you further, let as look at the most common goals that you can achieve without overexerting your efforts.

Being healthy is the simplest goal that you can always be successful with. This encompasses all other fitness goals such as getting beefier or getting slimmer. There are many simple ways to keep healthy – avoid staying up late, get enough rest, eat right, brisk walk and jog regularly or engage in sports. You may not actually have to go to the gym to achieve this goal. Being healthy begins in your home. After all, there are plenty of resources which you can read to become healthy without getting yourself strained.

Another most common goal for people who want to become fit is losing fat. If your goal is to lose fat, you should focus on taking less calories and burning those that you already have in your body. Do not undergo a body building program if your goal is to lose weight. Body builders take a lot of protein to build their muscles, you do not need that. They aim is to “grow” their stature; your aim is to get slim so your fitness goals do not go well together. Rather, engage in vigorous activities that improves your heart and lung function as well as your metabolic rate.

The main advantage of having concrete goals is that you can achieve them. With it, you do not get frustrated but instead feel good about yourself. You have a sense of accomplishment which makes you feel confident. With confidence, you can build better and healthier relationships with other people. Because you are healthier, you are always at your best at anything you do, be it at work or at home. Many people agree that the healthier you are, the happier your life would be. Achieve it by setting your fitness goals and do what you must to achieve it.To achieve fitness see

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