Overhead Power Lines- What It Is and What It’s For

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Electricity is one of our necessities of our daily lives. Without electricity, it seems that out our life cannot go on smoothly especially when we are most likely dependent on it. We use electricity obviously on most, if not all, of our household appliances, for our light bulbs, for our computers, laptop chargers, stereos and the like. But ever wonder how electricity is passed from its source or generator down to our establishments and to our own home? Electricity is carried around with the use of overhead power lines at different voltages. It is used to distribute electricity around the country.

So, what is an overhead power line? Overhead power lines are used for the distribution or transmission of electrical power. Overhead power lines are able to distribute electric energy even along large distances. It is consisted of bare wire conductors as the electrical passage and tower poles for support. Tower poles are made or either wood, aluminum, concrete, or sometimes steel. Overhead power lines are the lowest-cost energy transmission procedure for large areas since it gets most of its insulation through air. It is not insulated like household power cords. One of the goals of overhead power lines is to maintain an adequate clearance between the conductors and the ground to avoid accidents caused by contact with the electrical conductors such. One of the most common consequence of being in contact with the power lines would be electrocution since it is only insulated by air. That is why it is never a good idea to touch electrical power lines.

Overhead power lines can either be low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, extra high voltage or ultra high voltage. It can come with less than 1000 volts to a high voltage of more than 800 kV. Something that involves electrical power need not to be taken for granted that is why overhead power lines have guidelines to follow in order to maintain safety in the neighborhood. This is because it is very dangerous to come in contact with the power lines as it can lead to accidents. Overhead power lines can not only damage equipment but can also give people a serious injury or even death.
To sum it all up, overhead power lines are used in transmission of electrical power. It is structured to distribute power in wide areas. It has a great role in our daily lives. It makes things move since it involves electric power. It helps our machines work, gets our gadgets charged, runs our trains and many more. However, we should always keep in mind the safety precautions in relations to overhead power lines. Even though it is designed for everyone’s safety, we should all remember our own responsibilities as individuals. Overhead power lines have a great impact in our lives. To learn more about roofing and overhead power lines visit this site.